Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So a spoiler - as I had been asked - yes I did manage to finish the stuff for that tournament.....no im not going to reveal the rest yet still feeding it out a step at a time as I am able and as is reasonable. As to the Minotaurs that I was building, here ya go - they were done enough to take with me but far from truly done - Basically I did my basecoats and first highlight using the airbrush and then tossed in a couple quick details but nothing much.  When I built these It was in full realisation that new plastic minotaurs were on the way and as such I didnt want to put too much time into painting them in case I really liked the new models. Well the truth is - not only have these models REALLY grown on me, but I am not totally thrilled with the new GW minotaurs either.

The concept is cool but the anatomy bothers me (those legs - UGH!), either way I have really grown to love my own minotaurs so I will be spending more time painting these and they have found a proper home in my force for the long term. I may pick up a few bits from the minos and rearm a couple models or replace a banner but we shall see.... In the meantime here are the 8 models I made - im pretty proud overall I think they have a very unique look and will be really sweet when finished! Enjoy.

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