Monday, January 11, 2010

Blogging the Beasts 8 - Colour Palette

Got this question in my inbox:
Hey mate if you dont mind me asking i really like your army and was wondering, if you wouldnt mind sharing the recipe for the skin and fur, much appreciated.


No problem  :D Note: I rarely use pure colours and almost all of these are mixes based on my aesthetic preference at the time of painting. Unless otherwise noted the paints are all Vallejo

Grey Skin:

German Grey is the main base colour This is then built up with mixes with basalt grey, london grey, light grey and sometimes US grey (ill have to double check the name on that last one) for a warmer tone. I use Luftwaffen blue grey to cool down some of the shadows and sometimes a touch of SS camo black brown or buff mixed into a grey (again for warmer shadows and tones)


SS Camo Black Brown mixed through GW scorched brown and GW bestial brown. Sometimes I will add a touch of Buff  or Ivory and wash with Vallejo smoke or sometimes a GW wash.

Horns - mixes of SS Camo Black Brown, Buff, Ivory

NMM Steel - Luftwaffen Blue Grey built up with Basalt grey, touches of german grey and matte alluminium.

You will notice that the majority of the colours are used throughout the model - never in just one place - this helps to create harmony and unity in the model - looks much more natural this way - on the other hand it also means more difficult mixing and aesthetic judgements in order to keep each part looking like a separate identifiable materials.

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