Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blogging the Beasts 11

Here we go again!

Now that I no longer have to keep my "Big rare" piece in secret (and unfortunately so as It didnt get done in time for the Herdstone competition!) I would like to present what I have been working on:

First up - the Morghur rebuild:

 Before I took the first picture I had already rebuilt the staff and repaired the claw hand which wasnt too bad. The pins were still there they just had to be realigned reglued and straightened a bit.

After that I had to do some straightening on the seriously mangled horn. I think I got it back into a reasonable shape though it will never be symmetrical again (meh... symmetry is for suckers I always say!) I am just crushed that I am going to have to repaint this as it was a BEAST the first time (and not in a good way) Ah well. This will be the most difficult part of the repair.

Here you can see the section of the arm that I will have to rebuild with GS - this should be the easiest of the repairs and the easiest of the repaints

So thats where he is right now!

Second the Jabberslythe!!! In the original "what to use for a jabber model" topic  I had actually made the suggestion of working with a blight drone from Forgeworld. The more I thought about it the more I really did like the idea - so I got one and did it myself!


In the end I had to extend the length of the whole model - using a reshaped "fan" section to create the extra matching armour segment along the back and sculpting in the torso (?) extension below (you can see in the pic beneath that I matched it up pretty nice).


I then chopped out the lower front end of it, adding in the mawlock mouth parts and resculpting the tech sections and lenses to be more organic.

 I used shaved and corrected balrog wings which still have some more updating/smoothing work to be done on them. I am still going to replace the wing tip claws with small nid ones that should match the front leg (?) parts. I have also used GS to create a texture over the nid armour plates to give them a finish more like that of the back armour since the pics were taken.

Here it is sitting in a box of junk waiting for me to finish it!


I will post a few more as it gets done and will show a few more angles of the body resculpt etc.

AND:   SUPER THANKS again to those who voted for me in the Herdstone  award for best army blog - much appreciated and glad that people like what I am posting - if there is anything important that you want me to discuss or elaborate on please do not hesitate to ask!


New ungors!
More Jabber!
Morghur Updates
More work on finishing/editing my mino herds
Several other armies (40K EVEN!) which I am (finally!!!) completing
And - dependant upon the synergy between the new edition and our army - more gors!!!! New models to finish old units.

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