Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So life continues to intrude on my hobbies, but genuinely its ok.

I will not be competing in major painting comps this year but have begun the process of preparation for my entries in 2011 (12?) aside from that I have decided to try and work in a bit more gaming related stuff - which brings us to the following announcement

I WIN!!!!!

Seriosly - this has been a benchmark gaming season for me as I won best overall in both the Lost WFB Championship with my beasts in the fall and now the Lost Warhammer 40,000 Championship last weekend with Orks (yep Orks!!!!).

The Orks were my very first army and some of the models that I played with on the day of were of this vintage. Check these beauties out:

From these Blood Axe Kommando models to the golden demons - who would have thought it eh? The majority of the army is an old one including the venerable gorkamorka era ugly trukks and bikes. Even with these eyesores (man those models were ugly even when they were new) I really had genuine FUN playing this force. As such I have decided to get a few new vehicles for them, do a couple new models (A new "Mad doc Grotsnik" conversion is a must) and continue to play them from time to time :)

I am really proud of this dual title and would like to thank all those involved for such a great season.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my buddy and teammate Mathieu Fontaine for his Gold level win in Paris at Games Day France!!! This is Mathieu's 16th demon and is well deserved! Check out his site for more details!


Part of my own goals for the next while are to continue building my beasts in relation to the new edition of both the army book and the game itself. I have two boxes of new ungor archers which I am in the process of cleaning up and converting for the army using some ideas I had originally planned for my ungor spears in the old mixed herd format - I think the overall effect will be cool! (more to come on this)

I was keeping another little project to myself for the last while (accounting for most of my posting silence over the last while) as the web contest I was working towards required a degree of secrecy from competitors. Bad news is that this silence was for naught as I didnt finish - good news is I have a bunch of wip shots of my newest model - The JABBERSLYTHE for my Beastmen army! My next couple of posts here will deal with the creation of this gribbly monster which I am quite fond of already.

To those wondering about the current condition of my Morghur model (now the cygor for my army) he has been reassembled though he is still in need of some GS repair. Paint repairs will follow concurrent to the painting of my Jabber (something to work on while pieces are drying) While he is far from being finished and will never again be quite as good as he was - he will certainly still be a seriously Bad @$$ model and most people will never even be able to tell the difference.

With that I will sign off - but will actually be back very soon!

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