Monday, September 13, 2010

Pimp My Tricycle!

My other project is much closer to my heart and was a MUCH greater investment of time and effort. My son is 2 and it was time that he got his first tricycle.  Being the proud papa that I am I decided that this should be something pretty special and so it was that nearly a year ago I started collecting what I would need to make his trike.  Aside from the material components I also began to learn how to do automotive pinstriping. The results you can see below.

The pinstriping design is original and is very much the product of trial and error. It was really difficult working on the super slick and glossy curvedsurface of the front fender.

 I am especially pleased with the design on the rear platform - it was intuitive and wholly original. I am especially pleased that I managed to incorporate the spaceship design as my son is obsessed with rockets, flight and space. This particular ship looks alot like the one from the Yo gabba gabba episode where my son learned to countbackwards from 10 to 1 when he was about 18 months old.

I also think the lettering turned out really well (better than I had expected to be honest!) and best of all (the point of this really) my son LOVES IT!!! Dad done good.

New Minis to Come soon!

More Trike pics here: My Photobucket

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