Friday, December 17, 2010


When last we left off, the models had been stripped and primed and were ready to paint!

I decided that I wanted the models to retain some of the character of their era so I chose some fairly strong/bright colours to paint them in -Purple, electric blue and a minty green - though I used them in a really contemporary style with soft blends, some minor OSL glow effects etc.

Please note: Something I cant seem to sort out - that a better photographer probably could - Is that the colours you see in these pics arent really accurate, the Purples are deeper, the blues are brighter and the mint green tones are virtually non existant in these shots!!! AARGH! So they give a general idea and are nice enough shots - but the colours seem to be more extreme than the camera's sensor seems willing to capture. (If you have any insight into this phenomenon Id love to hear from Ya!)

Linesman and +S Linesman


Because I knew that the models would be odd enough for my opponents I used colour to help differentiate roles on my team. The Catchers were made predominantly purple and were generally much larger models than the linesmen. The Linos would be predominantly blue/green while the Blitzers would be a mixture of both schemes though still clearly set apart.  I did still use a little of all colours on all the models so that they looked cohesive but through modulating the colour I think I was successful in also creating the definition of role I needed.

Linesmen (Star Player in background)

The "Kroxigor" was a fun piece - painted in all the team colours he stood out enough by being a giant among the little horrors. I chose the leg set that I did so that even though his wings made him very large there was plenty of elbow room overhanging his base for other nearby models and I created this little counter with movable ball to represent him knocked down or stunned so that my big model wouldnt interfere with play. This was a REALLY good idea - feel free to steal it for your own big guy. I will do it for all of mine from here on out.
Greater Daemon (Kroxigor)

I also used an old tzeentch flamer model to represent my apothecary (and to use as a turn counter), the horror command drummer as my cheerleader (and reroll counter) and I procured an old Dieter Hammerlash bloodbowl model who I decided could represent a star player for my team if ever I were to need one.
Apoth and +Strength Linesman

Once painted I added letters and numbers to the bases that I bought from IMPACT! miniatures (these people are amazing to deal with by the way) to number all the players (9 for the greater demon of course!) and to add the title of star/apoth/cheer to the support staff bases.

The display base was a mdf ring for a wreath glued on top of a cork trivet from Ikea. The Chaos star in the center came from a few years ago and has just been waiting for me to find an excuse to use it :). A little gravel, a few skulls, static grass and Voila! A base that fits my whole team.

Speaking of whole team - I actually built more models than I field just so that across a season as players die or are cut I can actually replace them with different models for clarity and variety! I am really pleased that I was able to get all the specific models that I wanted!

This was a really fun project and a great team to play throughout the season at my school. I ended up with bronze/3rd palce award in the league and a reputation for unpredicatbility in play. Perfect. Exactly what I was after.
Message Delivered Suckahs!

Next: The CFL goes to a real NAF Tournament!!!


Muskie said...

This is quite frankly, made of awesome as the kids say now a days. I really like the effect you've achieved using the three colors. I guess maybe there is more green in real life, but I'm not going to complaint about their being more green. I'm Mr. green and purple.

This was very well conceived and executed. It is good to see something cool and different show up on the old RSS feeds.

skywatcher said...

The color combination you used really make these models shine. I love the unique approach you to took for selecting models for your team. Great to see!