Friday, December 10, 2010

Craig’s Fantasmagorical Legion! AKA The CFL - Part 1

Here is my finished Bloodbowl team the CFL - Craig's Fantasmagorical Legion (For my foreign friends reading this the CFL is also the Canadian Football League so the name seemed an appropriate play on theme as well.....)

They started out as a confluence of happenstance and an idea. A friend gave me a bunch of extra chaos stuff that he really didnt need anymore to bolster some extras that I already had. In the box were these:

They are old pink and blue horrors - models that I have always liked for their character and genuine fun factor.  It was around this time that I also was starting the NCC BloodBowl league and was looking for a team that would be fun to play without being too dominant or threatening to my fellow players (it was their first ever season) so I decided upon the fragile but wacky fun Slaan.  While these horrors didnt have the "very long legs" Slaan are attributed with, they do have very long arms and have often been described as bouncing and leaping across the battlefields. I thought the fit was a good one. On the plus side they are also all GW miniatures, so  if I took them to an event that had any kind of strict figure rules (chaos cup in chicago for example) I would still be good to go! So feeling good about all this -  into the bath they went -

By the time I got them out all shiny and new looking (not bad considering these models date as far back as the late 80's/early 90's and are older than the kids in my league) I had done a bit more research and made a list of the additional models that I would want for my team (I like to avoid duplication where possible - plus some of the models in this range are hella cool!).  It would take me a year of searching trading and ebaying to get the ones I wanted (plus a bunch of other ones as I often had to buy lots of 2-5 figures to get the 1 I wanted) but I think that the poses and style of them really suit the team concept. The good news is the duplicates/extras would all be passed on to a friend of mine who was building a WFB army of demons. In the end I have about a dozen extra models to pass his way and an additional Lord of Change (had to buy 2 to get the pose/parts I wanted) which I will dump on ebay to recoup some costs.

Well thats it for now - but I actually have several posts lined up and ready to launch every week or two for the next while :)

Huzzah! Back on track.

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