Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blogging the Beasts 12 - Ungor Lovin!

So Back to the beasts. As my regular readers (well as regular as anyone can read this page :P ) well know the Beastman army is my long time labour of love (7 years or so now IIRC) and I often put more work into these models than makes any sense whatsoever! Well I have hit an all time new low with this having spent an obscene number of evenings picking away at 12 models worth a grand total of 72 points...... 78 with musicians. But, that having been said, I would like to present my (STILL in progress/nearly done) Ungor skirmishers. Yep two tiny units of bowgors that have taken up most of my fall modelling time.
It is entirely possible that these will be one of my entries for Chicago golden demons should I make it down there this summer. They have lots of cool surfaces to work on, decent posing and are unique enough, I think, to make a good run at the wfb unit category. Though If I choose one of these two units I will definitely bulk it out to the full 10 models.

Here is the first group, and you will get to see the other in my next post.

I tried to incorporate some type of raided (generally Bretonnian) equipment throughout the unit without making it really repetitive and boring. Always pose and attitude have to come first. This model is built pretty standard but has the helmet and pouch slung at the back of his belt so as not to interfere with the overall pose.

I find it generally difficult to put quivers on most of the raider models and still have it look natural and uncluttered (usually can only get one or the other) But I am pleased with the pose of this guy.

I am partial to this guy because of the twist in his torso - it allowed for a really different pose that isnt so frontal

I really like this guy with the Rifle in place of his bow as well. Again it really is about creating variety and interest here. 

I love this chest armour and think it is going to be fun to paint. I do still have some gs work on several of these models as you can see arount the neck here.

Finally the champion. I realise that the backbanner doesnt make sense in the woods or for sneaking up, but I felt the unit needed more levels of height and that this really supported his bad@$$  stance!


I used the Musician/horn blowing head and just cut off the silly mouth. I really liked the shape of the horns and how they completed the visual movement of the the entire posture.

GASP! Did he just show a potential GD entry in advance?!?!?!? Yep. I must be slipping. Ah well, I figured anyone who is still following my site deserves a little something special for sticking with me.I will continue to post about these as I get them painted.
Untill next time!

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