Friday, January 28, 2011

Blogging the Beasts 13 - More Ungor Lovin!

Continuing on from the last batch posted, here are the second group of Ungor Raiders I have Been working on.  It is possible that these will become a Golden demon entry though I am currently leaning towards the other unit (have an opinion? Please feel free to click the comment button). Whereas the first unit was rife with raided gear, I wanted this one to me a little lighter and more dynamic and more woodsy.


This is the unit that I like to ambush with in my games, whereas the other is the unit that steps onto the field with the rest of the army (usually acting as a distraction more than a genuine threat).  I still kept a few Bretonnian touches in the grouping, but also a dwarf shield (they did kill a bunch of dwarves in their first ever outing), orc skull drum, Empire sword and some other bits. My Ungors arent picky about who they kill/steal from ;) 

DIE GREAT EAGLE DIE!!!!!! Stupid bird....

This guy will be stepping over something while ducking under the leaders "branch" when they are ranked up. Shot him from a bit of a strange angle - the pose looks reasonably natural in RL.

I am really pleased with the way the champion came out (I still refer to him as the champion even though I never pay for one in my list). The pose was a lot of cutting and repositioning but I think he looks just the way I had envisioned him. You may notice I took these pics before remembering to glue on the upper half of his bow (oops lol)

I have a couple more guys on the go for both Ungor raider units I just need to finally settle on a couple of parts and poses. I am also going to use a hound model (I cant remember where this one comes from - I think it may be a mordheim model actually.  It might even be undead IIRC ....But I rather like the ragged little feller chewing on a bone.) as I think it will look cool in the unit.

Well that'll be it for now - more to come. Im nearly done assembling a block o' 35 ungor! Heck I've even started a second block! So much more Beastman goodness to come!

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