Thursday, March 17, 2011

RHULIC RAMPAGE 2 - Basher & Bunnies

So with two big Jacks underway it was time to get the gunbunnies built! I built two right away and finished the third the day after I took these photos (the third is actually my fav - pics will come). These were really straightforward to clean and assemble. 

As you can see I pulled out the Mr. Surfacer again and added a bit more cast texture to the mantlet armour - which I think should look real nice when painted. This stuff is really awesome and a lot of fun to work with. One additional application that I am thrilled about - coating the inner curve of the smokestacks! On the Gunners there is a small mold line that runs across the depression inside the stack. This is actually awkward to remove due to the concave nature of the section. Just a dab of Mr Surfacer took care of any damage I may have done removing the line. Smooth and easy. I also coated the depressions inside the brass tubes on the heavies to make sure that was all fully sealed in a way that wouldnt show the gap filling CA or any imperfections.

 Ghorton himself didnt really require any special finishing - just a bit of pinning and filing, A dab of Mr surfacer on a couple of armour plates and voila! ready to cast.  This meant that I was ready to treat myself to building the model I had been waiting for from the beginning - The BASHER! 

 This model is so awesome. It is also a bit easer to pose than the other heavies because of its separate positionable feet. I stepped mine up on a cork base (with a big hidden pin for support) and gave it the impression of launching forward.

A little more Mr Surfacer to create some contrasting cast plate textures and this bad boy is pretty much good to go!!!
Today the last of my basing/detailing supplies came in so in the next few days I will finish the models and be ready to start painting! Stay tuned for updates!


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