Monday, March 21, 2011

Bat Reps: Warmahordes Gaming with Gorten

Yep two posts! One today and the other on Thursday as per usual - so dont forget to check back :)

So I had Gorten out for my first 2 games. In the first learning match I ended up losing to Denhegra (sp?) but I put up a good fight and it was my first match. My opponent/teacher Josh was right in one thing - the idea of not "letting" me win the first game gave me a real clear understanding of what I am up against and how important descision making is. In this game of inches even the tiniest misstep can be fatal.

In my second game I played against khador. Used scenery well to make his snipers virtually useless and then landslided the Khador jacks into range. Slammed my basher into the decimator pushing it well out of position and chasing it. My driller got into a tussle with a kodiak and found himself thrown, funny thing is because of where I lanslided the opposition to prior to the fight I ended up clipping the butcher as I was thrown. Driller stood up and drilled and drilled and drilled until the prone butcher was no more. Pure fun.

1 and 1 First night out. Groovy.

Got out again and had another game against Josh and his Cryx. He tried out his Venethrax(?) model.  In the end a well planned stone wall and another landslide brought my pair of swiftly corroding heavies to bear on his caster and ended the match in another victory for me. Here are some pics of the match!

Following this I played against a Hordes army for the first time in the form of my buddy Nic's Circle force of a bunch of constructs led by Baldur. In all honesty I couldnt follow how he was gaining or spending tokens - it seemed like he could do so much! But the great thing is I trust Nic completely and instead of making him explain every little thing to me I just tried my best to follow along where I could and by the end had a fair feel for what he would and could do.  I had two great opportunities to win this but failed in both. I should have landslided his caster laterally into bashing and shooting range instead of backward into just shooting (and next to another blasted forest at that!) My bad.  Didnt help that Josh was busting at the seams wanting to tell me the move that he saw but was unable to share for fairness. Ah well. So his caster healed his constructs and set back on dismantling my 'Jacks. Seeing me in a tight spot he moved Baldur back in for the kill but didnt quite finish off Gorten due to his SUBSTANTIAL armour (Man I am pleased with that) and  in turn took some boosted blaster fire to the face (love that double boost for a single focus).  Gorten then double barrelled him and TOTALLY FLUBBED THE DAMAGE ROLL. We called it a game and I learned that Baldur had only one box of health left. Damn.

Here are some pics :

                               Where I moved Baldur......               Where I should have move Baldur
This is where Baldur should be lying dead..... next time you silly tree hugger.....

Now I am 2W-1L-1D A darn good start for any game system by my measure.

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