Thursday, March 24, 2011



So the last of the detail parts I was waiting for came in. After much thought I realised that I wanted to further emphasise the steampunk feel and after a little searching around I found exactly what I needed - GEARS!
I bought a whole bag full of watch parts and gears in a variety if sizes and finishes. I was hopeful that I would end up with what I needed and in truth I really lucked out. The first application was to mount gears atop the stacks of the various jacks. They make really characterful little grills and finishing details! This particular job is not for the shaky of hand or the faint of heart as it really was a tricky little procedure to get them on without making a big gluey mess and damaging the work already done.
After the stacks I added several to the bases of the models.I tried to place them in ways that would compliment the composition of the piece without drawing away from the intended focal
points.  These will mostly end up half buried by the time basing is done anyway and should just add a little contrast and detail. Overall I am quite pleased. 

I also added a little cog to the shield of the Avalancher and to the top of Gortens hammer. Im still not 100% sure about the hammer one but I really didnt care for the big blankness that was there before so I figure even if this isnt perfect it is still a positive step.

So a smidge of gravel sand and cork later and these bad boys are ready for paint!
I have some special ideas in the works and have picked up several new products to try. These models are destined to be a testing ground for totally new techniques and finishes that I have never tried before.

 Nothing ventured nothing gained - or as they would say in the Iron Kingdoms :

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