Monday, April 18, 2011

Bat Reps: Warmahordes Gorten Goes To WAR!

Bonus Post {and Spoiler Alert!}
I am about to make it clear that my models are done even though my articles on how I painted them will be dripped out once a week over the next little while (one of which will be later this week) for your dissection and enjoyment. There are a couple reasons A) I like to have regular content coming out on some sort of reasonable schedule B) the detail and recollection that goes into the tutorial ones is much greater and requires more time and editing C) Cuz im kind of a Jerk so deal with it ;)  This last point will be emphasised by my lack of good clear pics of my finished 'Jacks - instead providing only long shots of table scenes. So squint to your hearts content - but the good pics will be coming in a few weeks.

Hot Diggity Dang! Gorten and his squad o' Jacks got finished just in time and were on their way to war in the first ever local Warmahordes Tournament. The event was 4 Games all Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw and 15 points. I took Gorten, GunBunnies, Basher and Driller. Cost effective and focus efficient units mixed together with the boss man in the middle. The scenery from table to table was fairly similar - hills and trees for everyone and some tables with additional linear obstacles (walls).
About to move in for the kill.....

In Game 1 I played against Xavier. This guy was great and won my favorite opponent of the day vote. He was laid back and genuinely nice. Also he was about as new as me at the game - a few games under his belt so he was aware enough of the rules to keep the game moving and nice enough to point out clear mistakes that he saw me making without being punitive. Awesome. Unfortunately for him he got stuck in to my heavy jacks and I was able to step around and plug Deneghra with my Gun Bunnies. Never even got to use my landslide feat. 
Xavier bites the dust

Game 1 to Gorton.
Take that Thagrosh!
Game 2 was against my old buddy, and fellow former Grey Knight, Shaner. This was a treat as he and I havent had many opportunities to square off though I am looking forward to getting in some games with him at my house over the next while. Shaner was playing Everblight and ONLY 3 MODELS! I was a little frightened. He had Typhon, Seraph (I think - it was big flying and ugly) and Thagrosh. This was a game where I stood in the woods, brough up a rockwall to protect Gorten and the bunnies and to draw in the gribblies - and then flanked with my heavies. When time was called my forces were still intact (thanks largely to my high armour and Shaners low damage rolls) and I had slammed Thagrosh half way across the board with my basher - but hadnt killed him.
He even looks like something from Everblight.....
 This one was a draw. Darn you Sweetapple!
Blaster fire right in yer pointy fingered freaky face! er...uh.. nice game :)
Game three was against Tyler's Skorne. I was really excited because I have a great fondness for some of the models and had been looking forward to learning more about them. This was also a really sizable force (or at least it seemed so after facing Shaners everblight!) with a little blind lizard dude, two samurai looking guys (one with a shield) the caster with the big sharp fingers and one of the BIG monster dudes with tusks and extra arms that draw me to this army (SO FRAKKIN COOL)..BTW I am sorry that these are the best descriptions I can provide - I should have recorded some of the names. Again I picked my ground and set the wall while he marched across the table. I kept him guessing by making some completely useless (but safe) moves along one flank and deployment zone with  my basher. when it came time to spring my trap everything worked beautifully. I had already drawn part of his force to one side with my driller, the basher knocked another out of position and Gorton's feat did the rest landsliding me a clear line of fire for Gorten and  my 3 boosted gunners to shoot his caster in the face.
Better luck next time! A real pleasure to play - I look forward to a rematch.

Rhulic Victory for me.
Run Barnabus! RUN!
Finally I got to play my friend Nic - I always enjoy playing him and it is generally a solid challenge. He is a solid gamer all around and a genuine friend. If you have been reading you may recall in my first WM Batrep I had played to a draw versus his Circle force with Baldur. This time Nic brought his New Gators out to play!  Barnabus, a wrastler, a snapper(?) and a big spitting turtle thing. This force was cool! It crept across the table using a series of summoned swamps to protect it and limit my options. The turtle fired upon me and started burning boxes off my driller but I held well enough. I used a similar gambit as last game dancing my basher around a bit but Nic didnt seem to take the bait. In the end I used Gorton's feat a little earlier than anticipated (not to open a firing line like usual as apparently I couldnt shoot into the swamp) to pull his wrastler into slam range of my basher and then following up with my focus boosted driller. I didnt kill him right away and the mellee poured over into Nic's turn as the turtle joined the fray hoping to turn the tide.My driller barely survived and managed to killing blow the wrastler which gave the basher enough room to move in and hit that turtle with a couple of focus boosted smacks killing it too. The snapper which had moved forward with Barnabus right behind him to try for an assasination run now found itself all alone and out of the swamp. It died leaving poor barnabus all alone and fleeing back through a series of swamps. Both of us were such newbs that we didnt even realise that with all of Nic's beasts gone I had actually already met victory conditions and didnt have to chase Barnabus around like I did.
Nic, despite the smug expression that should be a thumbs down. It may have been a moral victory (or draw) that you kept your gator caster alive but killing the other lizards = win. (And you though you were the cold blooded one here eh? ;P

 Victory Again for Gorten!

And when the smoke cleared I was as shocked as anyone to discover I HAD WON!!! Best overall in the first local Warmahordes event. I was flabbergasted and thrilled. It was an awesome end to a fantastic day. Second place went to Shaner and third to Xavier - So I had legitimately been playing some of the hardest oponents of the day! Gorten rocked. Everything went to script, I think I played well to the strengths of my force and learned a ton about playing and a little about other forces.

Special thanks go to Josh Garrat for running it, J&B Books in trenton ontario for hosting and to all the other players for making it a great time.


Ian said...

The Skorne Force:

Basilisk Drake or Krea
Cyclops Savage
Cyclops Brute
Titan Gladiator
Prime Morghoul

From your description it was hard to tell whether it was a Krea or a Drake (there are two types of lizards, but you called it a blind one so it's probably a Krea)

TKKultist said...

Thanks Ian - He definitely said the Lizard was blind, so Krea it is!