Thursday, June 09, 2011

Rhulic Rampage 10 - A new caster arrives - looking to the future

AWWW DAMN.... Its time to expand!

So here we go again! Truth be told, as soon as I recieved my Mercenaries book I knew without a doubt I wanted to play Durgen Madhamer. I realise that Gorten has been winning me games and that he works well with many of the things I like BUT I just cant get past the cool ultra violent explosive nature of Durgen - this guy just screams fun! I figure he will be my go big or go home kind of caster.

As an aside I really want to comment here on just how much I love this aspect of Warmachine. That changing just your caster totally changes the way your entire force plays, feels and reacts. Total fun for such a minimal addition.

As my local store has finally been able to bring in a few more models (what is with the seeming shortage of WM stuff anyway?) I have finally laid my hands on this mad bomber and am very much looking forward to expanding my warmachine forces.

I had already started the last of the Rhulic heavy Jacks - the Woughthammer Rockram and am planning to finish it to go along with my driller, avalancher and basher. I think I will paint this one a little differently to match specifically with Durgen and add to the blasted/ramshackle appearance of his force. ANd I have cleaned up my model of Thor Steinhammer - The rhulic 'Jackmarshall Solo. I dig him! I think I will assemle mine without the gout of flame though. It just looks like it is one of those pieces I would break off routinely and I dont want to paint the OSL effects that I would want to add if I did.
I have a full set of Hammerfall Highshields, but am in little rush to paint them - they dont excite me that much to be honest. If you use these alot and think im nuts here please feel free to comment and or message me to explain what I am missing here.... this goes for any unit that I comment on actually!

I also have a box of Horgenhold Forge guard - Now these models I absolutely love but Im not sure with their incredibly slow speed (4) if they will suit the more agressive mindset I have for Durgen's battlegroup - when I go to expand for Gorten, however, these may become an auto-include.

I have the mortar team as well - but havent yet figured out the theory behind making this one effective either. 
Reinholdt with a sinister paintjob I found online...

Speaking of auto-include, I think with Durgen and his great indirect firing/multi ammo type gun I think that Reinholdt will be Durgen's new best friend! I love the ability to fire twice ignoring ROF, the ability to roll and discard and the all important measuring ability - pure awesome pure win. I think this

works well with Durgen's arcing fire ability as well - all I have to do is create a shield of bodies around this pair and I should be firing with impunity!

This brings me to the models that I think I might like to add beyond what I already own:

Alexia by my friend Jen Haley - this model is so beautiful!

The First is Alexia and the Risen - pumped up with Durgen's "Primed" ability these zombies (and you know how I love zombies!) will create brilliant unliving bombs with some reasonable combat ability. This fits beautifully with my concept of my Durgen lead force - I am so getting some of these....

Ragman - rediculously cool model. I dont care what he does or how he works - he is in.

Bokur - Hmm seems like a reasonable investment - a reasonably hard hitting bodyguard with a nice big shield and the ability to draw wounds away from my caster. My only consideration is whether i prefer the standard bodyguard or if I want to try out Gudrun the Wanderer instead (It has even been suggested to me to try Gudrun as a client for a Bokur...thoughts?) Likely I will buy both.  And Herne and Jonne too......I love ogres.(sorry Ogrun.... whatever.)

Now this brings me to the last of the things that I am really considering adding at this time - The Ogrun Assault Corps. These big baddies are a pretty contentious unit in many online forums. Generally people either love them or are underwhelmed. I havent seen anyone that thinks terribly of them yet - just that they can do better in their lists with other units instead for the same big chunk of points..... I like the idea, I like the look (for the most part) but I have a hard time working them into most theoretical lists of 35 points or below. I want to give them a chance though so I am giving them some serious thought.

SO a couple glimpses into the immediate future of my Warmachine projects, I will be making some significant choices in the next few days. First and formost though I have Durgen to build!!!!

Any thoughts feel free to comment!

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