Sunday, July 31, 2011

Golden Demons and Missed posts

Good news and bad news - I have finally figured out why my posts havent been going up - and not surprising it is my own mistake so we should be able to get back on posting schedule. That aside, Yesterday was Golden Demons - my friend Vince Hudon won slayer with an incredible piece that I hope to have a photoset for in the not so distant future. Below you can see my shot of it in the cabinet - not a great picture but I assure you this was a killer piece and a well deserved win.  I did exactly as expected - made cut/earned a runner up pin for both of my pieces and trophies for neither. My pieces got really positive feedback and grabbed attention. My seminars went great and I had a great time hanging with my friends. I will post a proper report on GD as soon as I can get my photos up.


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