Thursday, August 11, 2011

Games Day Chicago 2011 - Aftermath Part 2

Chicago 2011 was a GREAT Games Day. From my perspective one of the most enjoyable I have attended (and I have been to more than a few). The displays were cool, the event seemed well organized (John Shaffer thankyou again), My seminars on weathering were well attended and - I think - Extremely successful. The only thing that really was a sour note on the whole day were the display cases for the Golden Demon entries. A lot of people have commented on them, and it is understood that these things are on their last legs but what is really a big shame is that between those cases and the lighting in the room there are very few good photos of the wonderful entries that were there.  Yurii Chinenov (who won Gold in WFB single and who I greatly enjoyed wandering around and chatting with - great guy & great painter) commented that he felt the number of entries were fewer but the overall level was higher than Baltimore last year. Many people voiced similar opinions across the day. I was pleased and impressed. My GD photos arent particularily great but here they are for your perusal. I have tried to include mostly pics of models that were not winners (as the GW official pics HERE are generally much better than any shot I took)

The above piece was one of my favorite of the show and was by a Youngblood. It really evoked a great bit of atmosphere and reminded me clearly of the Warhammer Age of Reckoning video game. Super cool work. (More pictures below - just click the read more!)

As I had reported previously, my entries did exactly as predicted - making cut without great difficulty but not placing trophies. People really responded well to my models and thought they looked super cool in the cabinets (I think they did too) but when it came to judging and technical perfection there were flaws that I figured judge Tim Lison would notice in a heartbeat. He is a great asset to the panel of judges IMHO. Not only is he an extremely talented painter he has always struck me as consistant in his assesment of figures, composition and technical painting.  Either way I am proud of these models and EXTREMELY pleased with the reaction of observers and my peers. Here are pics of my entries (Thunderbolt Aircraft and Nurgle Preacher) in the cabinets:

Aside from that I will be adding more pics of display tables, armies on parade etc in my next post. Lost of cool and inspirational stuff to come! Also WIP shots and good finished shots of my Thunderbolt and Nugle Preacher models. I also have some more Warmachine stuff on its way, historical models, Scenery, new Mordheim and my first forays into the word of Paolo Parente's DUST universe!!! Damn I am excited!

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