Thursday, August 18, 2011

Games Day Chicago - Aftermath part 3 Cool Tables and Terrain Ideas

Hey folks - I finally got my pics dumped into my photobucket and so here are some of the cool tables and such from Games Day. I think it is worth me putting these up not just as an inspiration for others but as a shorthand note for myself because there is lots of cool stuff here  that I will want to come back and reference for myself :) I will start with one of the most clever tables of the day and finish todays post with one of my favorite tables I have ever seen! Read on to see more.....

One of my favorite tables was this multi part Storm of magic table. There was a center table that had portals on each corner which allowed units to travel to and from adjacent tables. So clever - who hasnt played one of these games and wished they could invade the neighboring tables? I know I have! Not only was it a neat looking battle and nicely painted but the portals were a brilliant design that I may very well appropriate?.... for my own scenery set!
Fantasy Flight had a great table full of lots of fun stuff and demo Warhammer related games. They were also a really nice crew of guys.I got some seriously cool inspiration for my Dark Heresy Campaign from the guy in charge of the line.... My players are already trembling in fear!

Mordheim Table
John Shaeffer's Blood Bowl Table

Above and below is a cool Skaven vs Undead display table. It had mines burrowing through under the battlefield and undeground crypts as well - it was pretty neat, Overall though What I really liked was the reddish palette of colours used to paint the aboveground crypt work and also the design of the circular crypt that made such cool use of the GW scenic pillars to make something really different.

There was a pretty neat eldar titan table as well - I photographed it for my buddy Erik AKA "Swordwind"- yer welcome buddy
( Damn pointy eared space hippies and their bonebots....)

There was no shortage of open gaming area with decent scenery.
SO many Realms of Battle Boards..... man I want one.

This is one of the most beautiful games tables I have seen - It was so simple yet so well done. It looks just like it came straight out of Warhammer Age of Reckoning. I wish this table were mine (I may be a little biased as well with this being Beastmen hell bent on kicking wood elf butt!)
 Thats it for this week! I have one more batch of pics from Chicago to come including some photos of the AMAZING Heroes of Armageddon table and armies! CYA SOON!


Mike said...

great pictures. Thanks for posting them. I really like the Mordheim one. Buildings look really cool. I want to go make some now.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading the site for a long time and it was cool to meet you in person. Well, with a short hiatus, because my feed reader didn't notice the site change, so I hadn't seen any new posts since January. Imagine my surprise when I clicked over to the site proper and found a photo of myself! (Though, I have no idea what my hand is doing there.) Now I'm glad I didn't make any wiseguy comments about infrequent posting.