Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Warcaster from an Old Friend.

It is awesome to have great friend like David Pauwels. Aside from being my teammate and one of my favorite painters/competitors in the Golden Demons year after year, David is a real stand up guy. Whats more, he and his lovely wife have been good enough to let me stay with them from time to time in the Windy City. Dave is simply one of my favorite people.
No, this is not the best picture of him I could have chosen - but this one makes me laugh.
From the first time Joe Orteza introduced me to him and I saw his award winning daemonettes I could see that we had similar painting sensibities and I have enjoyed watching his work develop. I have also long coveted owning a piece of his work (heck even Chris Borer has one of David's models! - funny story that-)
Well, the time to covet is past and the time to revel in the having is here. 
Dave decided that it was time to clear out a few of his extras and next thing I knew a parcel full of even smaller boxes arrived at my door.....

May I present my third caster for Warmachine - Ashlynn D'Elyse - and her compatriots the Mule, Talon, Vanguard and Eiryss as painted by David Pauwels:

Much like my own warmachine models, these pieces are not painted to so called "Golden demon" standards but are still really beautiful and far above table top quality. Any of these would make a great centerpiece in most people's army.

What I REALLY love is that these just happen to share almost the same colour palette as my existing merc forces. As such, they really fit right in with my existing units and will look great no matter what I pair them up with. SWEET.

I am also thrilled that Dave's pieces included the No Quarter limited edition Eiryss model. It is my favorite sculpt of her and really frees me up to use her as either standard or epic version without a problem.

To see more of David's miniatures work please check out his AMAZING historical miniature company GORGON STUDIOS. He also runs a toally kick @$$ - Edgy SciFi Rock and Roll dystopian online comic called Free Mars which you can find HERE (not for kids!). Fun fact: Dan Abnett is a fan and wrote the foreward to the first Free Mars printed collection!.

More on Ashylnn (tournament battle report/lists/etc) Dave's CELEBRITY DREADFLEET and Free Mars to come soon!

Till Next Week!
James AKA TKKultist

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