Thursday, January 19, 2012


Thats right - Lost In The Warp has joined the From The Warp blogging network. This is a great collection of primarily 40K related sites and blogs. Great stuff - glad to be here. Link posted on the links page as well.

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Aside from that, I have confirmed that I will be attending Gencon this summer and am currently working out what it is that I am going to be teaching. If anyone has particular requests for lessons/tutorials do let me know and I will try to work them into my schedule. I am going to try my best to schedule around some of the Privateer Press events as I want to play some Warmahordes while I am there. I am also looking to be involved again in the Aces charity painters challenge and a few othe mini related events. Cant wait!

I have nearly finished my B1 Bis model and will be posting more updates about that over the next few weeks as I prepare to take it to my first ever IPMS competition (HeritageCon 2012) . I am also hopeful to finish a special additional model which I basecoated last night and will begin shading later today..... Definitely updates for that one in the que.
New 18 mp Canon t2i camera will hopefully also result in some nice pictures in the booth. If everything goes well this is going to lead to rephotographing large sections of my collection and a whole new set of galleries including several never before seen pieces....Should be good.

So not much model wise this week but lots of kick@$$itude to come.
Cya in 1 week

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