Friday, April 20, 2012

Bat Reps: Winter Warmahordes 2012 Game 3 Ashlynn vs Haley + event shots

Game 3 was against George, a player who had travelled with Aubin all the way from Ottawa (about 3-4 hours drive) and had given a strong showing through the day.

He dropped a HUGE wall of scary metal on the table.

Major Victoria Haley + Stormclad + Thorn + Thunderhead + Squire + Journeyman + Black 13th 

Knowing that both his lists were Jack heavy I chose Ashlynn for the FG slamming crits and the ATGM's push back shots - hoping that somewhere along the way I could force him out of position and open the lanes I need to get Haley.

Here is my Ashlynn List so you dont have to dig back through the posts :)

Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer
Marshalled Mule
Horgenhold Forge Guard (Full)
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord

He came right down the middle in a wave of terrifying armour with his b13 on my left and a light right flank that was sheilded by cover and difficult terrain. I held the middle with Rocky and Ashlynn and the Mule with Wish nearby hiding in a piece of terrain. I put my ATGM unit up the left to meet his B13 and my Quickened/tough Forgeguard moved as fast as they could up the right with rhupert. Eiryss moved up even further out on the right in hopes of putting a bit of pressure on Haley so that she wouldnt hide out too far back while her arcnode and wall of metal muscle did all the dirty work.

Between the thunderhead's pulse effects, spells and B13, George absolutely demolished my left flank and whittled down my FG to boot. He took controll of my mule and used it
to attack my caster and Rocky and managed to get his Jacks into a devestating position whereby Rocky was all but destroyed and stormclad actually hit Ashlynn and reduced her to a single wound!!!! EEK.

As I said, I am used to using my warcaster a speedbump but that was a little close for call.
Ashlynn responded by moving away upfield and desperately spent her focus healing herself in case her final gambit did not work. Wysh allowed her to upkeep her quicken on the FG for free and she popped her feat. Eiryss shot Haley - stripping her of all focus. Rhupert played the song to grant the FG pathfinder and they charged. Two of them managed to get within reach range of Haley and the got the chance to introduce the poledancing warcaster to the buisness end of a hammer on roulette.

Game 3 Win by Caster Kill.
Thanks for the game George!
The other player (Pat) that won his first two games and led in points standings lost in the third to my buddy Tyler and his Skorne (thanks Tyler!!!) So at the end of the day I was the lone player standing with a full 3 wins and a stack of player points. The tournament was mine.

Of the 4 tournaments I have played in to date I now have 3 Best Overall and 1 Best General Award!
Hot dang thats cool.

A super thanks to Erik for running this event, to Nic for bowing out in the face of uneven numbers so that I didnt have to, to all my opponents and esecially to Kris Aubin for bringing a whole new crew of players down to our area! I hope to see many of them return again in the future!

Here are some more shots of the event

 Cya next week!

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