Monday, April 30, 2012

Pancakes FTW! and a recap of days gone by....

Over the last year LITW has joined a few cool blogging networks, namely the amazing Iron Agenda Blogging Network (IABN), the FTW group and now the (INT'L) HOUSE OF PANCAKES, I figured it would be worth recapping (and linking to) what super cool $#!^ people can find here on LITW.

Painting/modelling/sculpting advice/tutorials/examples.  I have nearly a dozen golden demons and a Forgeworld best of show, piles of fun armies and I am happy to share comments, critique and tips with anyone who wants to contact me. it is pretty easy really. I am right here. Also you will find tutorials/articles by some of my friends (and posted with permission) including Vince Hudon, Chris Borer and Dragomir Milanovic.

Beastmen - if you like beastmen you are in the right place. While my WFB playing may have slowed down my beastmen army continues to plod along at its usual turtle pace.
That doesn't sound very inspiring but this army sure is. It is a labour of love that is coming up on a decade of building and painting. The pieces of this army have won several golden demons and other major awards and I am really finding myself be drawn back to them more and more these days. I think it is time to finish a few more of the cool units I have built.... Click on the gallery tab above (or HERE for you lazy gits) to see some of these.

Reviews - I have done a few reviews over the past few years for various companies and products. I have a bunch of things that I am using today  that have REALLY revolutionized my way of working. I am preparing a set of new articles for the next few month about products that have totally opened my eyes to new possibilites.  You can also find reviews by some of my friends including a review/tutorial on painting skin by my friend and multi-slayer winner Chris Borer. It is a good one and well worth clicking HERE for.

Warmachine - My current addiction. I am working for the next year to build my warmchine forces into something worthy of taking to GenCon or some other major PP system event. There will be LOTS of WM stuff coming but for those who want to see where it all started for me click HERE. (Damn you Kris Aubin!)

Zoats/Fimir - I have a whole army (growing once more actually) of Zoats and Fimir. These things are strange but I love em. They are a hoot to play (as necrons) and have won some cool awards (including the coveted Astronomi-con best army)

Terrain - I have been actively working on some new terrain pieces for Warmachine and have several more articles nearly ready to go live... Stay tuned - im pleased with these. Also I have a few cool Warhammer/generic pieces in the cue as well. Click HERE to see the last one I posted working on.

Historicals - I have recently branched into historical modelling too and use the experiences there to inform new styles and techniques in my SF and Fantasy work. My Char Bis is nearly complete click HERE to see more of it. Also this has opened my eyes to the super cool hybrid of history and SF that is the world of Paolo Parente's DUST. You will see a lot more of this stuff on here over time.

The last one here is as much an ask for as an advert for - Battle reports - This is something I am newer to and am mostly doing them for Warmachine games. If anyone out there can send me links to people who they think do this well AND effieciently please do. I am looking to do a good job with these!

Back here in a week (I try to post every Thursday) with new stuff for y'all!
James Craig AKA TKKultist

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