Thursday, August 02, 2012

Searching for a few Glued Men in the HRM

So I married a girl from the East coast of Canada, which in and of itself is great (gonna get fish slapped if I dont put that in!), but also means that each year I spend a bunch of time staying with my inlaws and well.... away (18 hours-ish drive) from my usual hobby community.

In the past I have spent some time lurking about the local GW store (AWESOME crew in there) but as my readers know, my interest in Warmachine dominates much of my hobby and gaming time these days.... So it was time to see if Halifax had any kind of Warmahordes community. A little google-fu later and I had found a group calling themselves "Ä Few Glued Men".

These guys meet weekly in Halifax at a great store called The Monster Comic Lounge (about a block from the police station on Gottigen street). The place has no big buisness sign with its name - only a glowing neon Bat signal in the window, inviting in the curious.

Inside is a great selection of comics, graphic novels, toys and nifty accessories. They also have a 1:1 scale yoda statue which is super cool.... I bought an ice cube tray that creates ice in the shape of STORMTROOPER heads (my son is having a Star Wars themed birthday this year so this will be perfect!) They dont really carry much in the way of miniatures though they do have the new GW paint rack and a selection of GW boxes. The store owners are, however, happy to order in Warmachine and such for their customers and provide this club with a great place to play at no charge. The club brings all their own scenery and some zuzzy mats etc. down with them each Wednesday and for special additional events (they have a malifaux demo coming up for example). There is usually room for 8-10 players and the store stays open prettty late so two games seems to be the normal goal. For Warmahordes they play anywhere between 15 and 50 point games. On my first visit I played two 35 point games (Bat reps to come!)
Awww yeah! Now thats Uber-nerdtastically Cool!

The guys at this club are super nice, very laid back and genuinely fun to play against. So big props to A few Glued Men - my new WMH hobby group away from home!

Looking for Warmahordes in the HRM? You can find A Few Glued Men on facebook.

Looking for The Monster Comic Lounge? CLICK HERE for info!

 See you soon with more Warmahordes, New 40K stuff and all manner of silliness!

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