Thursday, July 26, 2012

Batrep - Durgen vs Kraye

So I had the recent privilege of playing a game of Warmachine against Chief -  a former student of mine. He has a great little Cygnar force underway and laid down a challenge which I accepted.  It had been a while since either of us had played (more so for him) so when I mopped the floor with him using my Gorten list it was decided that a better match up was in order and he was given the opportunity to choose which of my casters he wanted to face. He went off to plan, rebuild and prepare. 2 weeks later he declared himself ready and the battle was on once more.

He chose Durgen.

I ran Durgen with OAC, Avalancher, H&J, Full FG, The Piper, Reinholdt, Dougall and Eiryss.
He brought Kraye, with 3 biggish Jacks, Taryn&Rutger and ATGM

Knowing that the Forgeguard had largely been the big hitters in his last game against me, I moved The Forgeguard straight up the middle to threaten both parts of his forces - making a big scary wall of hammers really did the trick in drawing select portions of his force away from my gun cluster. Durgens inhospitable ground had limited the ability of his big jack to charge into my forces and he chose the easy kill against a couple of my hammers  and a few more Forgeguard died spectacularly to the shots of the gunmages and solos.

BUT when it came back to my turn, it was the Forgeguard counter charge against his largest warjack, aided by the pipers pathfinder that drew them back into my main line and unhinged his attempts to tie up my forces and outflank me. With that bulky monstrosity out of the way it was actually pretty easy going lining up Kraye with Durgen's feat, 2 shots from Durgen himself (thanks to Reinholdt and which also benefited from Dougal), OAC CRA, the Avalancher firing through the remaining Forgeguard (who have ranked attacks) and H&J.
Truth is it didn't actually take all of these shots but I figured I'd be a JERK because I know chief will read this and whimper knowing how badly I lined him up (Readers please note: I am only a bit of a jerk in real life - and that this silliness you have just read is some friendly smack talk between me and an opponent who I do consider a friend and who I cant wait to play again!)

Better luck next time Chief!

And thanks to all who have been patient with my slight delay in posting. I had thought a couple of posts were set to auto load as I travelled on vacation. They didn't. Ah well - just means that I should be able to stay up to date for the next few weeks eh!

Coming SOON: the MOST AMAZING basing product I have ever seen, Battles on the east coast, more terrain, an awesome mutant marauder conversion for friend and modelling master Shawn "PPC"Welte, Painting models, More conversions! HUZZAH!

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