Monday, August 27, 2012

Weathering, Rusting Paints and a personal connection.....

So, if you have been following my posts over the last year, you will see that rusting and weathering have become two of my favorite things to paint and that I have been experimenting and having a lot of fun. On my recent Warmahordes mercenary outpost terrain pieces I used the AK interactive red primer paint set with a little additional vallejo transparent orange to genuinely great effect. I enjoyed the whole process so much that it got me thinking about the forward thinking and innovative approach that AK takes to new products and next thing I know I am chatting online with Mig Jimenez suggesting a new set of paints for his company.

Turns out he was already thinking along the same lines and a couple of months later this shows up in a package on my doorstep:

THANK YOU to AK Interactive for sending me this cool product and thankyou to Mig for genuinely listening to a customer/modeller half a world away! So Cool.

Also in the package was the first issue of WEATHERING magazine. This is a new publication that I may be preparing some future contributions to (sweet opportunity!) which is going to be published 4 times a year. It is all about weathering models and each issue deals with a single subject. The first issue is Rust. It approaches rusting from several directions, displays a variety of products (AK interactive is certainly a pressence in their mag but they are really openly showing and promoting other companies products as well!), and really details a great variety of styles. It includes Historical/AFV, SciFi (the Maschinen krieger piece in here is AWESOME), aircraft and auto models.  The magazine full of beautiful photos and is printed on extremely high grade paper and should hold up to the use it is likely to receive on your workbench!  
One example of what you can find in here is a great side by side comparison of several rust paints/products from a variety of companies (including the kind of paint that you add a mild acid to to create actual rust on surfaces) which gives some well informed descriptions of the finishes and their potential uses. 
 Great stuff for the beginner through to the master painter - WELL worth the price (and likely a subscription for me!)
Apparently it is cold enough to require a jacket but not cold enough to require pants...
My only critique of The Weathering Magazine is that it also contains a couple photos of a sexy girl (barely) in an AK interactive shirt. While quite pleasant in one sense, it really seems gratuitous and unneccessary.  In many ways it seems hardly worth mentioning, doubly so in the era of models like this one from Relic Knights, or several of the mature themed Kingdom Death or even DUST miniatures... but I can still here my wife making jokes about it in the background from when I opened the magazine to write this post.

COMING UP - Post #200 complete with a CONTEST! A little help and Fun with my friends, Tournament coverage, Terrain work, more product reviews,  Beastmen, Warmachine, painting!


Jeff said...

I know exactly what you mean about the Weathering Mag, great idea, shame about the "using the usual method" elements and the bizzare choice of pirelli calendar girl. Just reinforces all those negative stereotypes about us wargamers!

Dameon Green said...

nice writeup!
Would love to see more mecha/40k content!

sonsoftaurus said...

Thanks for sharing. Weathering mag sounds interesting!

SkillzFlux said...