Friday, September 07, 2012

A little something for the kiddies.....Warmahordes invades NCC!

So as I have blogged before I run a games club for the students at the highschool where I teach. With the release of the Warmachine starter last year and the imminent launch of the Hordes starter, my students are chomping at the bit to give these games a go!

As such I have begun to paint up the starter set and to try to collect a few more pieces on the cheap where I can. I have managed to gather a couple of Retribution pieces and a bunch of older Menoth Warjacks.

While I haven't had time to properly paint them yet, I have primed and airbrushed a basic colour and highlight for each faction. I think this will not only make them easier to distinguish from each other on the battlefield, it will help set tones for the models and really draw attention from the kids. Painted models are simply more fun to play - even if they are just in basic colours Here is how they are looking so far:
Sorcha is now mostly red too. These guys should be the fastest faction for me to paint up. I will also be doing a tutorial on great looking quick and easy snow bases with them in the near future :)

Retribution - These angry elves are the smallest of the factions thus far. I definitely hope to add to them
Menoth - Aside from the 3 heavies and 4 light Jacks pictured, we also have the med based infantry unit from the boxed set. If all goes well we may have a choir soon as well..... 

On a related note, dear readers, if any of you have a few extra pieces that you are looking to sell fairly cheaply do please let me know. I am mostly looking for small based infantry units and solos for the factions above or to add to the new Everblight or Circle forces found in the Hordes starter box. The kids do all their own fundraising so whatever I can do to help cut costs and increase fun/playability is worth the effort.

Back on track with posts, lots of pics ready to go and a super cool project undertaken with a little help from my friends....... AND A CONTEST!
Cya in a week


Unknown said...

How cool is it that you can teach table top miniature gaming to people who might never be exposed to it without being connected to you! Jealous.

Teek said...

The red you've done (thus far) on your Khador is very bright and punchy. Any chance at getting a list of colors you used?

Eager to see them finished!

Alessandro said...

I agree with Teek! Love the airbrush work, and I can't wait to see the final result!

marjedi said...

Uhh warmachine! Those elves really cry out for airbrush work, with those flat panels.

Did my khador in a ww2 inspired winter scheme, with a few units in std red.