Friday, October 19, 2012

GS Tutorials with the Little Green Monsters

Not quite The Little Green Monster I had in mind....
People often ask me for advice on sculpting and converting. Sometimes, I have even had the privilege of providing teaching sessions on the subject at conventions and large scale event (GenCon, Games Day etc.) As such, I am always on the lookout for good examples and sources to support my instruction (and sometimes even learn something new!).

As such,  I wanted to take a chance to draw some attention to some Greenstuff sculpting tutorials that I stumbled across a while ago. These are really well explained with great clear pictures and are from a website called "Little Green Monsters"
The most important tutorial for aspiring sculptors may be Sculpting Scale Mail armour with Greenstuff - not so much for the discussion of the armour style as for the approach to the media and a great discussion of his home made sculpting tools

Sculpting Bird Wings addresses a very tricky subject for many sculptors 

Sculpting Hands makes what many would consider a nightmare task into one that actually makes sense and becomes infinitely less frightening.

There are also sections on work for Flames Of War, Sculpting Fur, A Cthonian spawn of sorts, custom basing for Miniatures etc.

A really great resource overall and one that I hope several of my readers find inspiring and useful.

Next week: The countdown to something AWESOME on LITW begins........ 

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