Thursday, October 25, 2012

Something Wicked this way comes......7 days and counting!

Hey folks! Something absolutely incredible is coming NOVEMBER 1st here on LITW!

 I have been hinting at this for a while and the plans have finally come to fruition in a way that will be bigger than I ever could have imagined.

So when you awake November 1st with a post Hallowe'en candy hangover, check out this site and see the first part of a whole lot of awesome!

Speaking of Awesome, (great segue!) I also just received a belated birthday gift from my buddy Erik and it was none other than GENERAL AWESOME..... er...Ossrum.....Whatever. This new Rhulic caster has found his way into my collection and I cannot wait to play him. His rules make for an extremely different play style than my other Rhulic commanders and as such I am extremely excited to try him out! I will have to get assembling both my Rockram Rockhammer (ooh a sledge cannon that can actually get into range!!!!) and my second group of Ogrun Assault Corps (probably a min highshields too). I will be sure to update my progress with building and painting those and will do a tutorial on trench segment building (as they are required in Ossrum's tier list) 

I have also ordered the Ashlynn resculpt. While I fully intend to keep playing the classic "pumpkinhead" Ashlynn that I got from my buddy David Pauwels, I think this new sculpt will be completed as an entry into the P3 Painting competition at Gencon in 2013! Details on that to come as well :)

On a final note - I have been eyeing up the extreme warpwolf model on PP's site - just because I really like the piece. Do any of my readers have experience with this model (any particular challenges assembling? Is it stable tabletop or does it always seem to want to fall over? etc.)

If anyone knows much about this model do please email me or drop it in the comment section below :)

That is it for now - Keep an Eye to the Countdown - a SPECTACULAR new project to drop here NOVEMBER 1st!!!! BE THERE :)

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