Thursday, April 04, 2013

So where the heck did I disappear to....

Yeah I am still around and after a great run of reasonably consistant updates things have gone mysteriously quiet around here. Sorry about that. Truth is I sold my house in 4 days and then only had 3 weeks to move my family out of there and into my parents house. Yeah living the dream......

Seriously though, we are building a new house that will be ready in a couple months (my new hobby room will be AMAZING) and in the meantime it has been a mad dash to get everything packed and moved. It has been weeks of 3am = still packing. But we made it out and I have about a week of sorting to do before I can return to painting. Oh but when I do I have some great things in store. What you ask? Well since I have left you hanging this long I might as well share....

In no particular order:

1) I am writing an article for HandCannon Online on painting Menoth quick, easy and AWESOME.

2) I have recieved finished beastman sculpts from Dragomir, Kirill and just yesterday BRICE COCANOUR!!!! I can NOT wait to photograph and paint these to share them with you.

3) I also have to post some updates about the other beastmen that I have already showed you. I have made solid progress on Mike Butcher's Mino and Todd Swanson's piece. I am into skintones and basecoats of armour on PPC's fig and liking the way it is going so far.

4) Warmachine scenery - a while ago I started a power plant and jack repair facility. The latter is basically finished and the former is only one or two more sessions from being ready too. I have also started a third part for this set.

5) New Product reviews of the latest KICK @$$ paints and solutions from AKInteractive (My favorite hobby supply brand)

6)  Khador warwagon and solo work for my buddy Erik.

Hopefully these things will make you want to come back and check the new posts as they go live in the next couple weeks

CYA right back here!

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