Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Iron Wolf - Painted

 Hey folks!  Back again with some new stuff to share. As always any questions re: colours, "how to ...." etc are welcome!

This is Kommander Harkevitch "The Iron Wolf of Khador" and is the other Warcaster I had painted for Erik some time ago. I really quite like this piece. I enjoyed painting the variety of textures and the well sculpted detail.

I used a black primer, P3 khador red, VallejoMC Russian Green and Tank Green & Camo Black Brown, Earth and some Vallejo Game Colour Beastie brown for the main colours in the clothing. GW Tin Bitz (warplock bronze is I think the new name - I always base my metallics with this) with Reaper MS Pewter, P3 platinum and Reaper MS steel as the metallic tones.
A wash of some AK Interactive track wash (love this stuff) gives the metals a really great finish.
The flesh is Reaper master series paints - mostly from the rosy skin triad though I think there may be an additional lighter flesh as well.

A few other random paints for things like goggles etc.  round out the palette

 I think "Minister" the battle mace a strange design - the handle not being long enough for two of his armored hands to hold for a two handed swing - but overall this character and his model both appeal.

Erik was very pleased to receive it, and while he has not fared so awesomely on the table as of yet, it is a nice addition to his collection and a good challenge for him to learn to use (though I don't think I will convince him to drop his go-to crutch of a caster Sorcha any time soon (doubly so considering that I just painted the winter white one for him) ;P

Cya again soon with some long ago stalled projects finally making their way towards completion!!!!

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