Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Warders Week Day 2 - Trollblood Warders - Champ

Hey look yesterday's Warder found a friend! An angry, pointing forward moving friend. Cool!

Just say no....
 Oh he has a really weird axe/ginsu/food processor, swiss army ultra utility tool of spikyness..... I outright refuse to use that silly thing and I wish they had just done the uber cool face smashing hammers for everyone in the group. So this I think we will have to swap for a long weapon that extends the visual motion lines of this model. One that screams leadership - like the kind of imposing leadership that people like Tyrant Xerxis  brings to the field......

Lord knows I hate facing Skorne, ask my usual tournament opponent Tyler, but I love when I eek out a win against them.

I consider this conversion a total win, not only for desecrating the beloved tyrant's fancy weapon, but for the compositional oomph it gives the visual movement of this model and the visual interest it adds.
I used the standard unit leader shield, made the simple pinned weapon swap and then cleaned up the weapon haft with a little green stuff and used some to make a hood as well.

A swap like this also still fits in the PP conversion limitations as the "Battle Weapon" in their profile needs to be a reach weapon and beyond that has no specific weapon type associated with it.

Tommorrow - A warder who has seen some time on the Khadorian border.....

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