Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Warders Week Day 3 - Trollblood Warders Border Guard

So here we are with our day 3 update - feeling pretty good about the day one and two posts, though it is clear to me that at the end of the week I will have to go back and do a little bit of liquid greenstuff or Mr. Surfacer work on a couple of spots (left my products at work so I haven't done the final smoothing/touch ups at home and at this point I think Ill do them all at once when the unit is built).

Anyhoo here is our warder of the day.

So this bad boy got himself a Khador Man-o-War Hammer instead of the "spiky utility tool of doom". Again a simple weapon swap that follows with the face smashing nature of this unit. A bit of a shoulder reposition/sculpt to give him a bold "come get some" pose.
Finally a little greenstuff work on the hood in the back to again fill the strange gap left between these in the casting and some cleanup where I damaged a detail on the haft and had to resculpt the "wrap" texture there.

There is nothing too radical here (or in any of these), yet I have been able to give them a little extra character and personality. I have given them the trophies of grizzled veterans without hanging random heads on their belts as one might do in a more grim and dark future society that shall go unnamed ;P

Overall feeling so far so good! Warder 4 tomorrow.

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