Tuesday, May 19, 2015

M4A3 Sherman in 1/35 by John Bunton

This model belongs to my good friend John Bunton.  John is an exceptionally knowledgeable history teacher  who has been working on historical models for over 30 years. He has, however, really been focused on improving his quality and technique by working with me for a little over 2 years now. This particular project is a very exciting one for him as it was a chance to really put together some of the lessons I have been working on him with and to try several new techniques.

He says of the build:
So many times I have looked in the magazines and balked at the skill and techniques used to create such wonderful models....Yet here I am doing the same thing. I can look and say "I've done that, and that and that." I can hardly believe it and am very excited for what is next. 

I am also excited to see what is next for John. His skills and confidence are growing by leaps and bounds and his work is becoming really impressive.

He used Citadel Black Primer, Vallejo Air paints, AK Interactive washes and streaks, Tamiya Nato black sponged on for chipping, AK Interactive track wash and a combination of AK Interactive and Forgeworld pigments with MIG Acrylic resin for pigments and AK Interactive pigment fixers in the mud.

Overall I think the effect is fantastic and the model looks wonderful. Congrats John.

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