Monday, May 11, 2015

Painting Nyss with the magnificent Shoshie!

An example of Shoshie's commission work!
 This week I am pleased to present a tutorial by a special guest;
Shoshie from Shoshie's Magnificent Minaiture Painting service.

She is a really great commission painter that I met at GenCon and who I have a really high opinion of.

Shoshie is constantly working to improve her craft, challenges herself and encourages others to do the same. If you are looking for some nice commission work - I can give her my full recommendation.

Today I am going to spotlight her process for painting Legion Nyss - Anyssa Ryvaal in this specific case - though the techniques/colours are easily applied to other models! It is a good clean look that uses P3 paints and is really achievable with some practice and good foundation skills.

Take it away Shoshie!

This model is my commission for Anyssa Ryvaal an Everblight Solo from Privateer Press. She is a mounted model and will be done in two sections, though most of the techniques and colour combinations shown will be applicable to both mount and rider. All paints are P3 unless noted.

Step 1. Painted in skin tone with P3 Trollblood Highlight over the black primed base. Hair is painted underbelly blue. Began shading hair and skin with Coal Black. 

 Step 2. I got a little into the zone and made some big progress between shots. I did more highlighting on her hair and skin with soft glazes of Underbelly blue and white to bring up the highlights.
 then picked put the metal bits with Pig Iron. Then I highlighted the feathers and leathers with first Exile Blue then Arcane Blue.
Step 3. So now I highlighted her black leathers with exile blue and arcane blue and gone back with a little white to pick out even Finer details. Then a little Turquoise ink over all that. Also started adding in a few warm toned areas as well to create some contrast.  
Step 4. Next I'm picking out the silvers and using a slightly lighter metal color (Cold Steel). In the filigree I added a touch of turquoise ink. I've also shaded the metals with the same ink. Then I went back over the metal again with Cold Steel.
For the bow and the feathers near her neck I thinned Hammerfell Khaki with water and made many thin layers building up very slowly. Shaded with the same thin layering of Rucksack Tan and highlighted with thin layers of white.

Step 5.  Now I'm on to the raptor. I used the same steps for her bow on his horns. Started painting his armor black.  Then added Hammerfell Kahki to his mane and coat. I then shaded the coat with a little 'Jack Bine and then Coal Black. Lastly highlighted and blended with soft thin washes of Morrow White on the mane.

Step 6.
I did work up the mounts base coat with Hammerfell Kahki and 'Jack Bone before  highlighting him with very thin layers of Morrow white.
I then went ahead and finished her as most of the previous steps were re-used on the raptor.
You can really see the harmony created by having both models share a cohesive shared colour scheme!
Having already drilled her to sit on a pin for painting, it is easy enough to make her a permanent pinned feature of the model or to make her removable depending on transport and client needs.
A lightly snowy base with a water feature and some scrub grass really set the scene and relate well to the cool tones used throughout.

Anyssa Ryvaal by Privateer Press is done!

Thanks Kindly to Shoshie for her contribution here! Do check out her work and watch out for this serious up and coming miniaturist in competitions (She was a triple medal winner at Reapercon a week ago)! Aww heck how about one more pic - here is her Bradigus piece for y'all to enjoy:

Have something you want to share or have highlighted on this page? Send a message to tkkultist at gmail and lets do it!

Until Next time :)

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