Thursday, August 13, 2015

On with Living.

First off many thanks to all who added my family to their prayers/thoughts/positive waves -please keep them coming.

My mother's surgery was successful and now she has entered into chemotherapy. This will be a tough run but she is a strong amazing woman and I have great faith in her.

As this new reality sets in, the realization that life does - and must - go on is more clear than ever. I will get this blog moving forward once more, though it may be slightly sporadic at first.

Next to my family, painting and creating is my passion and miniatures have become the prime outlet for me to pursue this. I do enjoy sharing it with you all as I feel community is truly what makes this hobby so special and I am always striving to foster that community in whatever ways I am able.

So here we go again.



docbungle said...

So glad to hear your mum has made it through the first stages.

Fingers crossed things continue.

I lost my mother last year which made me set up the fundraiser WAAC (

Let it not be said after £8000 last year and this year going strong that the wargaming community is not an amazing one.

TKKultist said...

Thanks docbungle! Any future WAAC events - let me know and I will help spread the word!

GG. said...

Really looking forward to read more Brunette ladies

Hannah Walters said...

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