Monday, August 17, 2015

Review: In Combat by Mig Jimenez

 New from Ammo of Mig Jimenez is this fantastic book - IN COMBAT

This is breaking some new ground by really showing Sci-Fi and miniature gaming modelers how some of the key techniques used in military modelling these days can transfer directly across and allow for great creative freedom in the process.

It covers several types of chipping as well as streaking, filtering, general use for enamel products in combination with acrylics. It does provide really solid and clear step by step process shots that don't skimp on detail or steps.

 I love how the lessons in the book really scaffold on each other and avoid repetition. It trusts the reader to learn the techniques in relation to one another and to be able to back up and review previous techniques instead of filling space rehashing them (as has been my complaint with a few recent books and tutorials I have seen).

I also like that it is technique specific and not colour specific - One book I looked through recently was more a list of the colours used to paint several different models/factions using essentially the same techniques over and over, great if you ant to emulate a single painters style/design, but not to learn foundation techniques in the more universal sense.

This book definitely does NOT fall into that same trap.

In Combat addresses conversion work, surface finishes and development, colour modulation, lighting, surface differentiation and has a great gallery in the end which shows a wide variety of mecha models with a huge range of weathering and finishes that show just how diverse these techniques can be.

This book is now on my automatic "Go-To" list for introducing techniques to painters and directing them to the best value in an instructional resource.

To anyone looking to explore chipping and weathering I would give this book a rating of:

As an additional Note - If you decide to pick up this book Ammo is also offering bundled packs of weathering products that follow the lessons in the book so that you can get to work recreating the techniques as seen in the book right away. HERE is a link. Further - I want to send a shout out to Iain Hamilton at Ammo USA - An absolute pleasure to deal with - Ammo USA fills orders fast and their customer service and communication is beyond reproach.  One more reason to support a company that a) listens to their customers b) innovates super cool products instead of just waiting to follow others and c) shares lessons, blogs, demos and info in a great communicative way to build community around the world. Keep up the great work Mig, Iain, Carlos and all the rest who make up the AMMO of Mig Jimenez product family :)


echoesfromthewasteland said...

Nice link and write up man, I'm gonna go get that now. I have his first two books on painting tanks and they really inspired me to up my 'realism' game with the tabletop stuff.

TKKultist said...

Red Scorps - you will not be disappointed!

Sara Cron said...

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Diane Sawyer said...

I recently purchased Combat by Mig Jimenez to help me to take my accounting class and I'm so glad I did! The post is full of helpful information and easy-to-understand explanations.

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