Tuesday, March 15, 2016

{T}rolling Along Nicely 1..... Feel the Burn! Converted Fire Eaters.

Following last weeks peek at a couple of my trollblood conversions, I gotta admit I was having a lot of fun so the conversion train just kept rolling along! Over the next while (as the Greenstuff and Glue dries & the pieces resolve) Ill post up pics a couple times a week. Stay tuned!

So I have picked up the (obligatory?) 2 units of Fire eaters for my army - three of the most beautiful models in the entire range - Brian Dugas just keep cranking out all sorts of incredible when it comes to Trollbloods. So if the models are SO GOOD - what could I feel the need to add....

Well, there are 6 total and only 3 poses so that was going to mean some significant changes for at least 3 models. ;)

The first one is pretty much stock standard except for two little things 1 the base - which is part of the CMON/Micro Art Studios Basing system - Totally love these and will be using them across my army. and 2 - a subtle addition in that the pyg with the torch is actually magnetized at the waist so that he can come apart for easier transportation.

The second model in the first unit is also close to stock but with a more notable personalizing detail - I did a simple head swap with an EGrim bit that I ordered from PP! I love the hat and the overall look of this bit and I think it really looks amazing on the fire eater. I also added a neckerchief/bandana/bandit mask made of Green stuff .

Here is a cell phone shot of the three models together - I assembled the amazing top hat wearing pyg as is - with only the CMON base as an added element.

The effect is simple, effective and still personal. The fur Collar connects well with Borka and the hat/head connects the unit visually to the highwaymen and Jarl and/or the Grims - and all bear the definitive hallmarks of fire eaters. I like that kind related visual design cue in an army!

More conversions More fire eaters More Booze More Torches More fun - Soon!

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