Thursday, February 09, 2017


Well sort of.

If you come to Adepticon.... and enter Crystal Brush.

Posted now on the Crystal Brush website under the heading "Meet Our Guest Judges for 2017"

It is an INCREDIBLE honor to have been asked to be a part of this! Really makes a guy feel valued in this community. Thank you to Jen Haley for the kind words in my intro. :)

Being a volunteer in a role like this carries a lot of responsibility and I am definitely feeling anxious, but I really think it will be a fun, educational and community building experience without parallel.

I hope to be able to connect with many of my artistic peers - both old friends and those who I have not yet met face to face. I look forward to working with, learning from, and sharing insights with you all. This is going to be a weekend of painting, sculpting, sharing and inspiration to be sure.

See you soon

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Zab said...

Congrats, that's a big deal! Show them that polite Canadian judgement (Also promote the hell out of the SWOFC)

TKKultist said...

LOL! Thanks Zab :)

Anonymous said...

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