Friday, May 15, 2009

Asleep at the Wheel?

Who knew toast could make such a great pillow?
Hey all, I havent forgotten about you or the site :)
I had stalled a little hoping to have some good pics from my friends at Baltimore Games Day/Golden Demons but they seem to be a little slow in coming.
First I would like to congratulate all my TNA teammates and friends who competed - especially those who placed throughout the comp.

Dave "Tanith" Taylor had an amazing showing winning no less than 4 trophies himself - my favorite piece he entered is the tank above but I would like to encourage you all to check out his other pieces on his kick @$$ blog - I have even added a link to this blog on the left side.  Joe Orteza had an super cool Eldar scorpion wraithlord on display, Aaron Lovejoy had an AMAZING avatar (FW best of show!) and an equally amazing "Masque of Slaanesh", and Zach Lanier captured a bronze for his Yarrick.

But most important is my young teammate Dylan Gauker who won 5 demons and the much coveted Baltimore Slayer Sword!!!  His squad of Nurgle Mutants (picture from Stuff of legends where you can find some great photo coverage) was just so incredibly cool - I cant wait to see them in person in Chicago where he will have them on display at the Golden Demon Lounge table. By all accounts the pictures - impressive as they are - truly do no justice to the work done.  I have made little secret that, other than Mathieu Fontaine, Dylan is the artist whose work I have been most excited to see in competitions over the past few years for the sheer growth of his technique, vision and artistry.So a great Congrats to him! 

 NEXT WEEK: Work on the TNA Ork continues!!!!!

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