Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Games Day Toronto Coverage(ish)

 Hey all - here are my pics from Games Day Toronto 2009. As I was running the Golden Demon lounge as well as both  teaching and assisting with seminars, I didnt get out nearly as much to take pics this year. I hope you will all enjoy nonetheless. I am, however, sorry to say that this last week has been killer so I havent had a proper chance to take good pics of my diorama in my photo rig. I will post them as soon as I do (ASAP).

A few of my fav pics from the set:

From Armies on Parade - the army on the right belongs to my buddy Paul - I will be running a feature on this army in July I think :)

A WIP scratch built Imperator Titan - so cool.

My club's all super heavy Mechanicus inspired table

A great Centigor Model that I really liked - if anyone knows who did it ask them to email me

A heresy era predator by one of my absolute favorite painters John Papoulakos - I am awed that this one was overlooked but it was a tough category. Still this was one of my fav pieces in the show. The marble effects on it are so real - it was very intimidating!

The Slayer winners other piece - SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I want to have this model in my own cabinet just to admire. It was just such a wonderfully well painted model,  nicely arranged and well finished. Of his two pieces I actually preferred this one. In all honesty I liked this one as much as Julien's piece (pictured below) that got gold in the same category. As proud I am of my own piece that was third in the category - there was no doubt in my mind that both of these had a solid leg up on me in the category.

And the slayer piece in the cabinet

For the rest just click the link at the beginning of this article or click your way into my events gallery using the menu on this page.

Till I get my work shot!


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