Tuesday, June 23, 2009



Wow - back from Games Day Toronto. Placed Bronze in WFB monster with my Chaos Spawn and Silver in Diorama with my Trench Scene.

Whats amazing is that the diorama also won me the Forge World "Best of Show" award as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a totally unexpected moment as there were other FW piece that quite deservedly won gold in other categories including Vince Hudon's titan and  another Warhound Titan (dont know who the artist was yet) which was really great!

I guess that he fact that my piece was runner up in my category to the Slayer Sword winner meant that it wasnt looked down upon for being a silver -and I genuinely hope speaks to the quality of my piece which I have to say I was really quite proud of.  One of the judges ('Eavy Metal painter Keith Robertson no less) told me that they were very impressed by it and that they really felt that it captured the look and attitude of the FW background/source material.

This is an award that I had really hoped for - but genuinely did not expect, especially considering the presence of Vince Hudon's titan (gold open), Mathieu Fontaine's Blight Drone shown below (silver 40k vehicle)  and a supurb Titan (artist unknown at this time) who placed gold in 40k Vehicle.

For more pics of Mathieu's piece - and the other pieces he also placed with - please click on over to his blog and check it out http://akaranseth.over-blog.com/

I would like to thank all the judges and the people at Forge World for this bit of recognition and for their continued support of hobbiests like myself - giving us some extremely competitive and lofty (but apparently reachable!) goals to work towards.
So where are the pics of my trench you say? Well for now I am only going to leave you with this WIP teaser from mid way through the build as - to be perfectly honest - I havent had a chance to take any good pics of it yet!!!!! As soon as I finish report cards Ill get some great detail shots for y'all  and post them :)  So for now - a WIP

More on GD toronto next week when I get my pics and comments together - in the meantime I am going to bed!
G'Nite y'all

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