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Chicago Golden Demon Lounge!


Hey all!

Greetings and apologies from the East Coast! The apologies are for not having enough time to prepare my web posts before heading down to visit my inlaws in Nova Scotia - especially since I promised good pics of my golden demon pieces. Well family comes first and the pics just didnt get taken. I will resolve this upon returning home. In the meantime if you want to see my work youc an come and see it at Games Day Chicago!!!!!I will be there as a guest int he Golden Demon lounge area along with 14 other top rate miniature artists (including members of both TNA and Team Montreal as well as other non affiliated painters).

teamnorthamericalogo_200.jpg team_montreal_a.jpg

Here is a look at the schedule - I am looking forward to seeing many of you there!


Chicago Golden Demon Lounge Schedule 2009


At Table:

  1. Dylan Gauker

  2. Bennet Blalocke Doane

  3. Mathieu Fontaine

  4. Nathan Comase

  5. Kent Plumb

  6. Dave Pauwels

Seminar – No seminar - doors opening – Come sign up for one of our amazing seminars!

Working Sign Ups+ Set Up: James Craig, Brian Sobb, Shawn Welte, Mike Butcher, Brice Cocanour


At Table:

  1. Dylan Gauker

  2. Jeff Wilhelm

  3. Bennett Blalock-Doane

  4. Liliana Troy

  5. Chris Borer


Seminar: Advanced army building - Mike Butcher and Shawn Welte
An advice session and discussion on Army Building and Theming from two of the most decorated players in the country.  Discuss techniques, Greenstuff sculpting, conversions and the process by which some of the worlds most recognised armies have been built and painted!

 12 :00

At Table:

  1. James Craig

  2. Dave Pauwels

  3. Aaron Wilson

  4. Brian Sobb

  5. Kent Plumb

  6. Shawn Welte

Seminar: Painting freehand 101 - Brice Cocanour: 
Ever wonder “How do those guys paint things that small?!?”.  If you are intimidated by freehand work or just want to improve yourself this is the class for you.  You will get the chance to learn some basic techniques as well as some hints to painting that will step up your freehand work.  This is a hands on class and is open to 10 people.  Games Workshop miniatures and paints will be provided for this class.



At Table:

  1. James Craig

  2. Brice Cocanour

  3. Aaron Wilson

  4. Nathan Comase

  5. Mathieu Fontaine

  6. Dave Pauwels

Seminar: Green Stuff Conversions - Chris Borer
Brief Description: Not sure where to start with Green Stuff?  Stuck on filling gaps?  This class will discuss converting your miniatures with the ubiquitous 2-part epoxy putty; everything from adding armor, weapons, and details to replacing body parts and re-sculpting significant portions of the model.  This class will be mostly discussion and is open to 15 people.

2 :00

At Table:

  1. Bennet Blalocke Doane

  2. Dylan Gauker

  3. Mike Butcher

  4. Shawn Welte

  5. Kent Plumb

  6. Brian Sobb

Seminar: Advanced Vehicle Modeling - Nathan Comase
Going well beyond the basics this seminar covers various techniques for weathering and painting vehicles to achieve unique and/or realistic looks that are sure to turn heads on the game table. Airbrushing, weathering pigments, oil washes, and mud will be just a few of the techniques demonstrated.



At Table:

  1. James Craig

  2. Dylan Gauker

  3. Bennet Blalocke Doane

  4. Aaron Wilson

  5. Mike Butcher

  6. Kent Plumb

Seminar:  Blending like the pros and Q & A! - Mathieu Fontaine
Ever wonder how the pros blend colors so that the cloak goes from a white to a dark brown through green and red without even a demarcation? Well now is the time to discover how and ask any other questions as a bonus!
# OF PARTICPANTS: As much as we can fit comfortably! Youpee!



At Table:

  1. Dave Pauwels

  2. Brian Sobb

  3. Aaron Wilson

  4. Mathieu Fontaine

  5. Nathan Comase

  6. Brice Cocanour

Seminar:  No Seminar - the artists respectfully request that no seminars be booked during this time so that we can support our friends, cheer for other painters and hopefully collect our own trophies!

Here is a short Bio for each of us

Name: Bennett Blalock-Doane
# Demons Won: 10
Other Notable Awards: 1 Slayer Sword,  1 Forgeworld Best of Show
Favourite GW Paint Color: Red Gore

Name: Chris Borer
# Demons Won: 22
Other Notable Awards:  4 Slayer Swords
Favourite GW Paint Color: Midnight Blue

Name: Mike Butcher
# Demons Won: 1
Other Notable Awards: Several Grand Tournament Best Army, Players Choice, Best Painted, Numerous other smaller events best painted and champion, Armies published in White Dwarf
Favourite GW Paint Color: Graveyard Earth

Name:  Brice Cocanour
# Demons Won:  3
Other Notabel Awards:  Just several in store competitions
Favourite GW Paint Color: Snakebite Leather

Name: Nathan Comase
# Demons Won: 9
Other Notable Awards: Works published in WD and other gaming publications
Favourite GW paint Color: Charadon Granite

Name: James Craig
# Demons Won: 11
Other Notable Awards: Forge World Best Of Show, GW 25th Anniversary Canadian National Hobby Champion, Astronomi-con Best Painted/Best Army/Best List, Army Published in White Dwarf, Several other awards from various competitions (CAN-Con, CanGames, The Lost)
Favourite GW Paint Color: Dheneb Stone

Name: Mathieu Fontaine
# Demons : 13
Other Notable Awards: 3 Forgeworld Best of Show and several awards in historical and independant contests both in North America and EUROPE.
Favourite GW Paint Color: Liche Purple

Name: Dylan Gauker
# Demons: 14
Other Notable Awards: 1 Slayer Sword, multiple best army/best painted awards
Favourite GW Paint Color: Scorched Brown.

Name: Dave Pauwels
# Demons Won:  9
Other Notable Awards:  Various GT Best Painted Army and Player’s Choice Awards
Favourite GW Paint Color:  Dark Flesh

Name: Kent Plumb
# Demons Won: 4
Other Notable Awards: Grand Tournament Best Painted Army
Favourite Colour: Fenris Grey

Name: Brian Sobb
# Demons Won: 2
Other Notable Awards: gold & bronze Adepticon Rogue Demons
Favourite GW Paint: Midnight Blue

Name: Liliana Troy
# Demons Won: 7
Other Notable Awards: 2 Slayer Swords
Favourite GW Color: Shadow Grey

Name: Shawn Welte
# Demons Won -
Other Notable Awards: GT Best Army,  Multi-Adepticon Rogue Demon Winner
Favourite GW Color: Scab Red

Name: Jeff Wilhelm
# Demons Won: 11
Other Notable Awards: Slayer Sword
Favourite GW Paint Color: Catachan Green

Name: Aaron Wilson  
# Demons Won: 6
Favourite GW paint color: Bleached Bone

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