Friday, June 12, 2009



Once again I'll be joining the crew of the Golden Demon lounge along with some other Team Montreal colleagues for Games Day Canada.

Here you'll find the complete schedule of the day. I'm giving 1 seminar on modelling for competitions. So if you are in Toronto on june 20th come by and say hello!

If you have seen this schedule elsewhere it is worth noting that there has been a change as well - Brian Sobb will not be joining us but in his place I have managed to book ZACH LANIER!!!!! Zach is an amazing painter and a super nice guy. I look forward to hanging out with him. 

So here is the schedule - Hope to see you there - and I need to get back to work on finishing up my entries for the WFB monster category (my Chaos Spawn) and my entry for the new DIORAMA category!!!!! Very excited - battle scene was always my favorite category (and a couple of my demons came out of that grouping!)   but the new expanded diorama concept is even better. I think the piece I am working on is looking really good though really different from my previous work! It has been a real extension of my skills and ideas into new directions. I hope you will all enjoy!

Toronto Golden Demon Lounge Schedule 2009


At Table:

-         Dragomir Milanovic

-         Mathieu Fontaine

-         Cory Burns

-         James Craig

-         Ansel Elghort

Seminar – no seminar - doors opening – Come sign up for one of our amazing seminars!


At Table:

-     James Craig

-     Dragomir Milanovic    

-     Julien Casses

-     Josquin Samuel              

Seminar: Mathieu Fontaine – Weathering Models

CLASS DESCRIPTION:: Have you ever wondered how to weather metallics, armour and other surfaces to really bring them to life? If you're ready to dive into the world of well used equipment this is something you'll really want to check out! Be shown various techniques by multi demon winner and Team Montreal member Mathieu Fontaine.


 12 :00

At Table:

-     Ansel Elghort             

-     Zach Lanier

-     Cory Burns   

 -     Josquin Samuel                  

Seminar:  Julien Casses – Blending, light and colour theory, contrast work

CLASS DESCRIPTION: An explanation and demonstration of advanced techniques that make a mini eye catching from phenomenal European painter Julien Casses!

 # OF PARTICPANTS: As much as we can fit comfortably!


At Table:

-     Cory Burns   

-     Ansel Elghort

-     Josquin Samuel     

-     Zach Lanier

Seminar:  James Craig – Beyond Basics – creating unique centerpiece and display models. This seminar will discuss topics of converting and composing models for competitions and armies.  It will also include a discussion and practical demonstration of how to work with Greenstuff to add unique details to your models.


2 :00

At Table:

-  Ansel Elghort    

-  Julien Casses    

-     Zach Lanier

-  Mathieu Fontaine       

Seminar:  Dragomir Milanovic – Plaster Brick and Stonework for Dioramas and Terrain

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Ever wanted to add a building ruin to your dioramas or bases but cannot find a perfect pre-made one? Now you can learn to make your own! This hands on demo will show you how to produce plaster brick and stonework from making your mould boxes to carving the bricks.



At Table:

-    Julien Casses

-    Cory Burns     

-    Dragomir Milanovic   

-    Josquin Samuel      

Seminar:  Mathieu Fontaine -  Blending like the pros and Q & A!

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Ever wonder how the pros blend colors so that the cloak goes from a white to a dark brown passing by a green and a red without even a demarcation? Well now is the time to discover how and ask any other questions as a bonus!

# OF PARTICPANTS: As much as we can fit comfortably! Youpee!

4:00 – As demons will be handed out during this hour – the artists respectfully request that no seminars or table times be booked during this time so that we can support our friends, cheer for other painters and hopefully collect our own trophies!


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