Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chicago Games Day aftermath


Hey all - had a GREAT day at demons. Learned some new tricks from my compatriots at the demon lounge and from  a few others (thanks Steve!)  Heard several rumours which will be interesting to see surface over the next while.

Saw lots of great stuff - Armies on Parade was strangely underpopulated  but had some NICE stuff (mike butcher's nurgle army was awesome!). I wonder if it wasnt because of the large amount of open gaming tables and smaller than usual number of pre set army tables. I am sure the rants will start any time now but I suggest people go back a year when it was the otherway around and you will find that this is what many were asking for (I would of course like to have seen a clear balance but hey whatever).

The Golden Demon Lounge was hopping all day - tonnes of people dropping by to talk and learn and share thier work with us. A great success.


The golden Demons were awesome - the innovations in how they went about it were VERY well recieved - and there was lots of super high quality stuff. I have posted a pic of the slayer piece beneath. My TNA crew took 13 demons and Team Montreal (aka Mathieu) took 1 for his demon Prince of Khorne.

Anyhoo the unsorted pics are in my EVENTS GALLERY so peruse to your hearts content - I will be sorting and cleaning out the detrius when I get the opprtunity but for now I'm headed to bed

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