Thursday, August 06, 2009

Chicago Minotaur

This is my newest model which made cut in the 2009 Chicago Golden Demons. It is the Minotaur from the Mordheim range and is one of my favorite models ever made by GW. The model itself has some serious flaws but it really just exudes character and is IMHO so superior to all other Minotaur designs they have ever release. I REALLY hope this is more what the next generation of Minotaurs look like.


It belongs in my Beasts Of Chaos Army where it  takes the place of 4 ungors in one of my herds (The Demon winning unit of Beastmen that started out as a Mordheim warband and then inspired and army... and several more years of work...) As it represents 4 25mm based models in a unit I mounted it on a 50mm base instead of the 40mm provided.

I painted this in a manner that I knew would look good, generate some buzz but would not make the podium  as I would have had to resculpt a few areas of the model in order to correct some flaws to make the surfaces perfect enough to really be a contender in this extremely difficult category - and I didnt really have the time or inclination after the effort I poured into my Toronto pieces. So I made cut, got the pin and was really proud to have shown up and shown off. Not bad for a unit filler ;)

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