Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Blogging the Beasts 2

Following the small herd from 2006 I went on to do my chariot and a unit of pestigors next.

I have always found it strange that beasts rambled through the swamps and forest with wheeled chariots - try taking a bicycle or your car through such a place and see how well you fare!  When I saw the knarloc models released from Forgeworld I knew exactly what I needed to do - walking creatures from the deep swamps and woods seemed much more appropriate.

The result is here and while it is no longer my finest piece of work it is without a doubt my favorite of my entire collection. It has great attitude, a bit of story and great composition. It also won me a gold in 2007.

These Pestigors were meant to represent half the unit and were built with a custom movement tray (yeah the swamp display base comes off the plinth and moves with them!!) in skirmish formation as is dictated by having Morghur in the army - though they also rank up pretty nicely in a regular tray. Since making these, however, I have come up with another way to represent my pestigors (I love all things nurgle and quite frankly couldnt care less if there was a better choice in the bestigor options id still play them just for my enjoyment and aesthetic taste) and so now they are just some very stylish gors for a regular old herd! I actually completed 2 more and have the other 8 assembled and primed, though barring any major army book changes I doubt any of them will ever be finished at this point, Instead they will continue to lurk in their box and to be used as stand ins when the need arises....

These also won me a gold in 2007.

I am currently preparing to make all the "ungor" models for this unit (started today actually).

Stay tuned here over the next few weeks to see what I have in store :)

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