Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rhulic Rampage 12 - There can be only one...

Highlander... A CRAZY Warmahordes tournament format or simply the best film ever made - you be the judge....

So in our local club we are gearing up for our second ever Warmahordes tournament. The game has really caught fire around here and we have a ton of new players (like myself) building and expanding their first battlegroups/armies. As such our WMH tournament organizer first ran Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw to get people started and learning force basics. Now he has proposed an event where people will be required to try out their solos, troops and whatnot that they have been collecting.  The format is called a highlander tournament and our official load out list allowance for this event is as follows:

15 points
1 Warcaster
1 Heavy/Beast
1 Troop/unit (UA allowed)
1 Solo
Optional 1 Light (and a short list of acceptable light substitutions for Khador etc was also included)

Right away I knew exactly what I was going to take... This was exactly the excuse I was looking for to try out
the Ogrun Assault Corps that I had been contemplating. Knowing that I would definitely be facing troops and potentially squishy solos in every game with a minimum of heavy jacks made the 5 AOE shots suddenly look great! That combined with the CRA and CMA and a total of 40 wounds for my troop selection sounded fantastic! Combined with my new warcaster Durgen for some arcing fire from behind this meat wall and a feat that makes the Ogrun guns even more deadly (not to mention the hostile ground effect spell to slow down anyone trying to close quick).  To work along side this approach of blasting from range and then slowing down the closing opposition so that I can largely choose/dictate melee I chose my Jack with the biggest gun and greatest range.

The Ghordson Avalancher was a clear choice, I have already painted it AND I havent had a chance to use it yet. Good all around. Oh and it also lines up nicely with Durgen's Feat. I will likely avoid the optional light jack and drop the remaining points on my compulsory solo which will be either either Thor to boost the Avalancher or Reinholdt to boost Durgen and double up on the arcing fire....

This list should pose a solid threat to most other Highlander armies. Durgens one spell gives the magical property to guns, so with the Avalancer or OAC I should be able to shoot up even models that would otherwise be protected. My biggest problem will be units with pathfinder/flying running through my difficult terrain spell and those with stealth (though with all the AOE I will hopefully get some lucky scatters and tag up the stealthy models too) Either way it should be a fun one to play, gives me a chance to try lots of new things AND gives me a genuine excuse to repaint that OAC.

Aside from Warmachine stuff I am also working on my golden demon entries for Chicago this July! I will be a guest in the Golden Demon Lounge area so if you are there do stop by and say hi. I will also be bringing my rhulic forces to Chi.cago with me to play some games with friends. If you want to arrange a game let me know and Ill see what I can do

Until next week!

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Von said...

I like the idea of running Durgen at this level a lot; having faced him a few times in the last month I've developed a respect for him as a 'caster. Good luck with those honking great ogres, too.