Thursday, October 04, 2012

Ret. Army pt1. - Custom Ret Wreck Markers

Not bad for $30 eh!?

So as reported recently (HERE) I started on some small Warmachine forces for the club at the school wherre I teach. We have settled on 18 point fixed lists to start - at least until everyone knows the rules well enough to start making their own lists or playing larger games in the time allotted. One of the forces for this is based around some Retribution stuff I picked up used from a friend for $30.
Well... another deal came my way and now I find myself with a bunch of additional Retribution stuff in mixed condition (from bare metal to broken....) and I have deided to make a go of building this into a reasonably playable force (or forces) at 35 points. This should be fun for me and great for the kids in my club as they will have a proper army to try larger games with (likely vs either my Mercs OR in 2 caster 40+ point team battles when they get a strong enough sense of the rules)

I had to do a little bit of repair work - for example, I had to add a tabard to the Phoenix because my buddy who had owned this one before me didnt like the protruding "codpiece" sculpted onto the jack and had cut it off. I also had to sculpt one of the hands from greenstuff as it was missing. With a little putty left over I was inspired to start some custom wreck markers!  I decided that this would be a great way to start this army off and set about digging through my spare parts. A little more putty and a few bits later and I made these:
For the first (Phoenix) I used some actual Phoenix parts including a head, sword and field generator, (my one friend had a plan to magnetize several warjacks and I benefitted from his extra bitts!). I then made a press mold of the shoulder with Instant Mold into which I shoved some Apoxiesculpt and left it to dry. Sand, gravel and a little AK fixative later and  I think the overall piece looks good from many angles and shouldnt be too hard to paint.

The other marker is for a Hydra, though Im starting to wish I had built this Myrmidon as Discordia. As such, I may do some more modifications to convert it later or pick up yet another Heavy Mymidon.... grr.  Much like the Phoenix, This one used a press/instant- molded shoulder pad and an extra head. This time I also used some GS to make part of the torso and used a small set of the myrmidon "smoke stack" vent things that go on the shoulders and a piece of an extra (badly damaged) forearm . Simple but very visually effective!
I think these will paint up pretty easily. I am really looking forward to figuring out how I am going to do the final basing on all this retribution and may even use these wrecks as the testing place for the terain/basing style for the army.  Well... Thats it for this week - more stuff to come in 7 short days :) 
COMING SOON: Friends, Beastmen and Pointy Eared Freaks Oh My.....


PsychosisPC said...

Got have markers and eyecandy. I'm getting all crazy about that kind of stuff lately.

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