Monday, January 21, 2013

"The 300".... no this post isnt about Spartans

HOLYJUMPINGEEHOSEHPHAT!!!!!! Somehow this blog swept right past the 300 000 views mark!

I would really like to take the chance to thank everyone who supports this little (b)log of my hobby thoughts and creative work.

So what is on deck?

Right now I have the following projects in various states (though no particular order) to get photographed and finished:

1. Beastmen - I have started painting the beasts sent to me by PPC, Butcher and Todd Swanson. The initial (re) learning curve was steeper than I had expected but it really seems to be coming together now.

2. More Beastmen: I have now recieved additional beasts from Kirill and Dragomir. These both need to get photographed and then primed

3. B1 Bis. The tank has been done for some time now but I am not fully satisfied with the basing/display. I really need to sit down and bring the base up to the level of the tank for a proper display before I enter it in an IPMS competition

4. DUST Tina Baumann. UGH! I cant believe this model isnt done!!!! I really just need to sit down and do the braids and details on the uniform and some small touches all around. I think I may have to prioritize this one

5. Khador Gun Carriage/Alt Sorcha/Alt manhunter - Aside from being one of my best friends, I owe these to my buddy Erik. He takes care of my house, shovels my driveway, collects my mail, does his best not to burn down my house etc. when I head to Halifax for weeks at a time to visit my inlaws.

6.  Menoth stuff.... a bunch of random models for the club which will become a step by step tutorial as well (possibly for Handcannon Online, certainly to be posted here on LITW)

So. Thats it for today - not the most wildly awesome of posts but I have boxes to pack (gotta get my house tidy and decluttered so that I can sell it - man this cuts into hobby time something fierce!!!) so I gotta go.... Cya Soon


PsychosisPC said...

Awww and here I thought you were going to do some Spartans and get into historicals.... ;)

TKKultist said...

Well the b1 Bis is historical and Tina Baumann is quasi historical (unreal person - exceptionaly realistically detailed ww2 uniform)
but historical minis - no I gotta draw the line somewhere (for now ;P )