Thursday, January 10, 2013

YAAARGH! Ive been Press Ganged!!!!!

So as I eluded to last week, I have decided to be proactive in seeking opportunities to promote the hobby and, most specifically, to access resources and support for the ever growing community of young gamers that I work with in my school based club!

In recognizing this, Privateer Press has accepted me into their Press Ganger Volunteer Program! Huzzah!

Im still not really sure what all of this really means at the end of the day, but I look forward to seeing what I can contribute and what they in turn can offer in support. The next step seems to be to apply for club status with PP on behalf of the kids.

Very exciting times!!!!

PS. On an unrelated note I have made some quality progress on a couple of the Beastmen and have recieved one more in the mail!!!!!  More on that soon......

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