Thursday, February 07, 2013

Brutal Frontier Goes Live!

Hey Folks!
My second Blog entitled Brutal Frontier went live today!!!!!!!!!!!

This Blog will actually follow the exploits of the club I run at the local High-school and will be filled with Warmahordes League Battle reports, Club painted models, Board game reviews, Student perspectives on games/factions etc.

It isn't necessarily for all of my followers (Tutorials, techniques, detailed sculpts, my own personal work etc. will all stay here) but for those who enjoy reviews, wargamer fan fic, bat reps and the like - it  ought to be fun!

by Vladimir89
Afraid, it is just a small update as preparing my house to sell it is kicking my butt worse than I ever would have dreamed! :(

Speaking of "Butt's", however, (insert other silly reference to Vladimir89's  "inspiring" illustration here....) I have managed to pick away enough time around the edges to paint a special Khadorian Warcaster model for a friend of mine. I wonder which it will be....? Pics here on LITW next week!!!!!


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